‘Restoring the Promise’ Review: High Cost, Low Yield


“We are at the end of an era in American higher education. It is an era that began in the decades after the Civil War, when colleges and universities gradually stopped being preparatory schools for ministers and lawyers and embraced the ideals of research and academic professionalism. It reached full bloom after World War II, when the spigots of public funding were opened in full, and eventually became an overpriced caricature of itself, bloated by a mix of irrelevance and complacency and facing declining enrollments and a contracting market. No one has better explained the economics of this decline—and its broad cultural effects—than Richard Vedder.”

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Interesting summary by Inside Higher Ed regarding a recent Council of Christian Colleges and Universities meeting in Washington

Presidents of faith-based institutions of higher learning, including Mormon, Jewish and Muslim leaders, found they have common cause in defending the value and uniqueness of a faith-based environment and education. While I think their tone may have been a bit too defensive, the reality is that they have been under fire by many liberal organizations. … Read more

I assume Assumption College…

With about 2,500 students in Worcester, Massachusetts, isn’t the first school most prospective enrollees think of when considering college. When our researchers scanned the nation’s 8,000 colleges, universities and career schools in our search for good, reasonably priced but lesser-known schools we came up with several hundred. Few had immediately recognizable names. Fewer still passed … Read more

We’ve Had This Conversation Before

http://ow.ly/Fanv30lCrEa As a parent, I know the frustration of providing guidance, insight, information, or directions over and over, and over again. But I’m not your father and yet, I still feel the need to repeat myself.   Ask the right questions when you interview colleges, professional or trade schools or any other form of higher … Read more