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Caldwell University

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Student Population: 2,189
Net Price: $19,096
Sticker Price: $50,640
Classroom Studies: Yes
Online Studies: Yes
Testimonial 1: "I've had the most amazing professors, other than the few bad ones I had. They mostly all are extremely helpful, know what they are teaching, and care about your learning experience. Work load I assume is just as heavy as any other college. There are plenty of nice quiet places to study, and a lot of resources to help us learn more effectively such as the Student Center for Success."
Testimonial 2: "Professor's truly care about their students, they remember you by your name, and want the best for you. Most of them help you in any way they possible can. The registration process is fairly easy, simple to comprehend and complete, but like any institution, remember that you are an adult and you are responsible for the classes you do or do not register for; therefore, they are not responsible for a mistake that you make."
Testimonial 3: "Majority of the professors are concerned about the students academics and willing to help them when they are having trouble. The students usually schedule appointments with them or go to their office hours."
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Caldwell, NJ