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College of Saint Elizabeth

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Student Population: 1,186
Net Price: $19,775
Sticker Price: $52,548
Classroom Studies: Yes
Online Studies: Yes
Testimonial 1: "The college campus is very easy to navigate and the professors are friendly, they know your name and face and care deeply about your success. I found the education quality was great and the professors wanted to see you succeed."
Testimonial 2: "Everything at this school is absolutely above and beyond what I could've ever imagined. The professors, class sizes and everything about the learning environment is perfect. You get one on one help with your professors and they know you by name. It is very helpful to have a close relationship with your professors."
Testimonial 3: "The college I attend recommends that you do the best you can that makes your self proud and the people that are supporting you proud. Professors pushes every student to get an average B or A. Because the college is a catholic private college there is not that much activities. The campus is quiet and small. You have too go out your way to find the excitement."
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Morristown, New Jersey