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Culver- Stockton College

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Student Population: 1,068
Net Price: $20,327
Sticker Price: $39,800
Classroom Studies: Yes
Online Studies: Yes
Testimonial 1: "The teachers are wonderful. They are very approachable and friendly. A Majority of teachers have their doctorate so they are very knowledgeable in their field of study."
Testimonial 2: "Each department is very different from one another. With that being said, our campus is so small you can NOT go unnoticed. Professors and administrators are constantly checking on you and are always available. Our faculty work endlessly to help you achieve your goals and ensure success."
Testimonial 3: "Each student must complete general education courses including history, speech, religion, math, science, and arts. Each major has specific courses you are required to take. Internships are also required. Professors and advisers work endlessly to match you up with a company and help make the process go smoothly. Study abroad and Multidisciplinary seminars are available each semester and during the summer. Generous donors to the college provide scholarships and other income opportunities so that no student is left behind due to money situations. Clubs and organizations are also available in different majors."
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Canton, Missouri