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Fairleigh Dickinson University- Florham Campus

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Student Population: 3,483
Net Price: $22,882
Sticker Price: $60,644
Classroom Studies: Yes
Online Studies: Yes
Testimonial 1: "The professors are the best and are always willing to help students in need of extra help. The professors are understanding and are always willing to give students extra time with assignments and exams if needed. The curriculum itself covers a lot of useful and interesting material and the workload is not terrible for such a prestigious, private university. There is always somewhere on campus to study, whether it be in the library stacks, the monninger center or a classroom. Registration is not as hard as people make it out to be. The people in Enrollment Services are very helpful and kind and are always available to help you register if you are unable to register online."
Testimonial 2: "The academics at Fairleigh Dickinson are the absolute best. The workload is difficult but it is not busy, meaningless work. You feel that you are actually learning from the work given, which makes it less of a chore to do."
Testimonial 3: "Great Professors! I am a Creative Writing major and most people in my major want to become authors. The Literature staff has several published authors and the curriculum gives you a choice of what kind of literature you wish to write about. I love it!"
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Madison, New Jersey