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Randolph College

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Student Population: 626
Net Price: $25,988
Sticker Price: $57,115
Classroom Studies: Yes
Online Studies: Yes
Testimonial 1: "What I love about Randolph is all the academic help they provide to each and every student. They to their very best to meet the needs of each student and ensure their students are doing their best in and out of classes."
Testimonial 2: "The workload is hard and the professor will know if you don't do it because the class sizes are so small. All of the work is worth it and no of it is busy work. For such a small school there is an abundance of different classes you can take. Registration is relatively easy, you will most likely get all of the classes you want because the school is so small."
Testimonial 3: "Randolph is amazing, I absolutely adore this school. I truly feel like I'm getting an excellent, well rounded education. This school is not for people who want to slack off and not try terribly hard. Randolph really does care about the quality of your education, and is willing to go the extra mile to accommodate you. The professors love their jobs and are very familiar with the student body. You will never be taught by a graduate student or someone who is under qualified."
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Lynchburg, Virginia