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Salem University

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Student Population: 990
Net Price: $17,774
Sticker Price: $27,180
Classroom Studies: Yes
Online Studies: Yes
Testimonial 1: "I am a non traditional student in the online program. I am interesting my second year can honestly say that I love the program and truly appreciate the opportunity and I look forward to completing the program. Thanks Salem staff and students for your acceptance of my place here in this school."
Testimonial 2: "What I like about Salem International University is that everyone knows each other because it is a small school and also everyone supports each other in sports teams. Being at Salem you learn to become independent as you start to do stuff more on your own. The schooling system is very helpful to athletes because here at Salem you take one class a month but in that month you cover everything that you would cover in a semester. It gives you the opportunity to have free time and also focus on your sport and for you to really understand the subject that you are learning."
Testimonial 3: "The flexibility of the classes never interferes with personal life back home, when you want to hang out with your friends, when you have practice or workouts, and they can be set to your preference without a hint of trouble. The only hassle we had was when the electricity went out town-wide due to a bad storm. Transferring credits was a breeze and a very smooth process to get through."
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Salem, West Virginia