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Tusuclum College

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Student Population: 1,767
Net Price: $16,881
Sticker Price: $38,660
Classroom Studies: Yes
Online Studies: Yes
Testimonial 1: "With only one class to concentrate on you don't have to worry about other classes. Tusculum is truly a one of a kind college. I had plenty of scholarship money and other grants. It was so worth coming here."
Testimonial 2: "I am an adult student, returning to school after 20 years or so. Tusculum offers a diverse student body and after being a student for one year, I have experienced instructors who understand that as working adults, we have different responsibilities than the average college junior. "
Testimonial 3: "I love that the block schedule allows me to focus on one class at a time. The campus is small, but has a big history and is absolutely gorgeous. And, by having class with less than thirty students at a time, the professors are able to get to know their students and provide assistance to each one."
Contact Information
Greeneville, Tennessee