I assume Assumption College…

With about 2,500 students in Worcester, Massachusetts, isn’t the first school most prospective enrollees think of when considering college. When our researchers scanned the nation’s 8,000 colleges, universities and career schools in our search for good, reasonably priced but lesser-known schools we came up with several hundred. Few had immediately recognizable names. Fewer still passed out two most important qualifiers: cost to attend, and widespread positive remarks by students and alumni. One of those schools, Assumption College, was especially interesting to us.

Sure, everyone loved the great 185-acre campus, but more importantly – to us and to prospective enrollees – it seems everyone is very pleased with their overall experience at Assumption College, including educational programs that lead to rewarding employment.

As a Catholic college, Assumption may from a distance look to be one-dimensional, restricted in world view by the fact that it’s affiliated with a particular faith. Upon closer examination, and unlike many faith-based colleges and universities, it’s obvious Assumption does not encourage restrictive thinking or activities. We are glad we looked closer at Assumption College and did not take it at face value – either because it is affiliated with a specific religion, or that it’s “list price” is not what the students actually pay due to generous grants and scholarships (think “discounts”).

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